Welcome to a new series of blog posts on my website!

My aim is to write about different topics relating to traveling the world by bicycle, which I will do in English to improve my writing skills.
In the first few entries, I will talk about some of the main aspects which have made long-distance cycling so special for me. Let’s start with freedom.

What is freedom for me?

Freedom is not having to care about tomorrow and just simply living in the moment.

Freedom is whatever problem you may face, there will be a solution for it and wherever you end up being, someone will help you if needed.

Freedom is even if there is a rainy cold night approaching, you are comforted with the knowledge that you can sleep in a cozy warm sleeping bag.
Freedom is looking at how the night sets over the country while sitting in front of your tent in peaceful nature.

Just chilling and eating some snacks.
This night was so damn cold!

Traveling by bicycle has been a completely new way to look at the world and at my own life. It’s the first time, where nothing has held me back.

No obligations, no restrictions, only me and my ideas. When the only questions you need to ask yourself each day are „Where do I go?“,“Where do I sleep?“ and „What do I eat?“ life becomes very simple.
There is no bus to catch or plane to book, no hotel room to find. The only things you need are food and water and in most parts of the world that’s not too hard to come by.

So when you are living each day without a specific goal you need to achieve, you are able to react to all situations as you want to.

Someone invites you for coffee – Sure, thanks.
There is a nice place to stay for the night- ok, let’s stay.
I want to go completely mental and cycle 18 hours in one day- it’s a little stupid but why not.
Or the idea of carrying your whole bike over a steep and rocky hiking mountain pass, your idea, your way. Nothing is going to hold you back!
And if you fail – you didn’t lose anything apart from a little time, but win experience.

I do not even know why i did that.

I realized on this trip that having this liberty is one of the most important aspects of my travel style.

To support this way of travel, I have my tent and sleeping equipment, my little kitchen and some important spare parts for my bike. Without this stuff, I would not feel complete and prepared for whatever situations could arise.

But let me also tell you that long-distance cycling is not always easy and at times will make you suffer without a doubt. You will be faced with headwind, rain, freezing nights, steep hills, burning hot days, police and locals who thinks you are a spy. For sure there are easier ways to travel around the world. For example on a motorbike, by car, backpacking etc… but you won’t get that feeling of success from overcoming a high mountain pass and reaching a new milestone with your own force.

On top
On top

One piece of advice I have is to not let yourself be blinded by others. Some people you will meet, measure their success by the distance they accomplished in one day and they may try to tell you that’s what you should be doing too. Or people may try to tell you how much luggage you should carry on your bicycle like there’s a rule for all cyclists. Dont let your ideas and your decisions be influenced by others in order to maintain your freedom.

And surely this is not going to happen every day that you keep this spirit, because you will be faced with stuff which will annoy you. The only thing you can do is, remember why you are on this journey and relax.

If you enjoyed reading this please do let me know what topic you would like to read about next. Maybe loneliness or the physical challenges you endure while long-distance cycling. Or anything else.

Have a good day!


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  1. Wonderfull Micha.💜💙💚🌈 During vacation this summer in a wobderfull smal and beautiful village a Buddhist said to me; Never copy an other, and folling your instinct. Its whst I found in your opinion. 👍👍👍
    Tell par example next time about ;grow psychologically😏😏😏😉


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