Bangkok Street Photography


Day 1204, June 2022

I still have some stories to tell since my last post in January but have not found the motivation and time to write them down properly. Right now I am in Bangkok and experienced a great street photography session which I would like to share:

We arrived at China town in the blue hour and start taking the first pictures. We were very lucky and got surprised by some heavy rain which created some great possibilities to play with the light in the street.

Never did rain photography cause my camera is not waterproof and I was worried I could damage her. But it looks like she survived the night.

We were not the only ones taking pictures.

Matt (my foto buddy for the night) took some long exposure pictures in the rain.

Long exposure 1: Taken by @mattleeodonnell
Long exposure 2: Taken by @mattleeodonnell
Setting the camera as low as possible to get some unique looks. Sadly they turned out not so good. But my picture of the setup itself is all the better for that.

A picture of Micha taking pictures. Something very rare on this blog. The last shot like this is over 2 years ago and can be found in the „Die letzten Kilometer des ersten Jahres“ Thanks to Matt.

Shoemaker in the corner of a less busy street.

That’s all I wanted to show. I took over 300 pictures in 2 hours, that’s 7 GB of data, probably not necessary that you see all of them. 😉

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