Guest post: blue mango

A friend of mine asked me to write an article with the topic: „Thoughts of a _ year old“

Follow the link to see my contribution to the topic:

And here have a random pic:

Lightning in Hanoi

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  1. Hallo Micha,
    your worldtrip ,is a very inspiring story that I continue to enjoy. It’s not about what the other s thinks about you, but especially about how good you feel with every step you take towards a new world that opens up to you.
    Something that nobody can take away from you. W
    Walking in straight lines like most people is something I have a hard time with too, and Geïto( Gaëtan) is just as you. He learned Paragliding. Maybe he already wrote you that or called you. And for the moment on holiday and trekking to Slovenia and Croatia, 2 countries that are certainly not unknown to you.
    Never regret what you might be missing or haven’t missed yet. Still enjoying your days in this beautiful world.
    😉 Marleen ( mam of Geïto)

    Gefällt mir

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